Manageable Risk, Sustainable Service Quality

System, device, application security has become much more important as processes become more complex, along with increasing amount of data, increasing diversity of peripheral devices and increasing security vulnerabilities.

Dux offers manageable risk and sustainable service quality with its competent human resources and up-to-date technology infrastructure.

Firewall: Thanks to our Firewall Management service, which is used to provide network traffic from and to the Internet in a controlled manner, all accesses except the permitted ones are restricted, increasing the security of your systems.

Intrusion Prevention (IPS): Dux’s IPS service, which provides your company’s virtual network security, detects and eliminates attacks coming over the internet. Thanks to the IPS service, you can protect your company’s information and job security with real-time alerts in case of an attack.

Load Balancing: It is our service model that ensures the continuity and redundancy of your systems by distributing the traffic on such assets to different servers and ensuring that they continue to work uninterruptedly.

SSL VPN: SSL VPN service securely connects your employees to your corporate network over the internet. Thus, even if they are not in the company, they continue to work efficiently as if they were at the office.

Site to Site VPN: Site to site VPN allows you to establish a secure connection between your company’s offices located at more than one point or over a common network created between you and other companies.

Web / URL Filtering: Dux regulates your internet usage in line with the policies to be determined by your company, by preventing harmful software and unwanted content from websites. This ensures that internet users in your company can browse the internet safely.

E-Mail Filtering: By preventing unauthorized e-mail (spam) traffic, it prevents potential damages to your company via e-mail.