”Get the highest efficiency from your hardware infrastructure with virtualization. Discover Dux’ talents in virtualization technologies”

The virtualization management services of our day are considered an element of basic system management. All of the processes of virtually established systems like performance, security, backup and updates are provided by Dux experts.

The risk of service interruptions is minimized with virtualization settings that can be installed with backup structure.

The Virtualization Management provided by Dux’s expert team reduces hardware investment to a minimum to bring processing power to the highest level.

The benefits of virtualization

  • Maximum efficiency is achieved from existing hardware.
  • It becomes possible to attain “real value” from hardware investments.
  • Systems function with the least service interruption.

What Do We Offer? As in all its other solutions and services Dux works with the world’s best produces in virtualization solutions as well and provides the most suitable solutions. Dux provides solutions with VMware vSphere, Microsoft Hyper-V and Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization for open source code products.