”Dux Technology uses its experience in network security to create solutions in line with the needs of companies, not the product axis.”

  • Having trouble finding the right product?
  • Spending too much time catching up on innovations?
  • Want to make sure you’re working with real experts?

Dux Technology has one of the most reliable information security teams in Turkey. Working closely with many leading manufacturers in the world, Dux Technology selects the right products and creates customized solutions for your needs.

Would you leave your business success up to chance?

Majority of today’s malicious attacks target companies that maintain critical data and trade firms that make voluminous online transactions. It’s more important than ever that your security investments hit the bull’s eye. Dux Technology’s end-to-end understanding of security, the team that has proven itself with many successful projects, and superior business partnerships based on its experience offer you everything needed to provide you with the best security solution.

Why Dux Technology?

Having achieved great success with its system and infrastructure projects, Dux Technology offers security solutions to complement those projects, as well as end-to-end tailored security solutions. Moreover, Dux Technology experts manage your security operations, eliminating the need to have an in-house security team.

  • License purchases for products
  • Hardware selection and purchases
  • Installation of products and training if necessary
  • Maintenance supports for software and hardware
  • Remote monitoring and on-site management
  • Expert network security support
  • Support for the supply of numerous products such as HP Security and Juniper

Continuity for full security

Security is a very delicate matter. According to Dux Technology’s understanding, no security product and solution can provide complete protection without maintenance and continuity. Innovations should be constantly chased, updates should be applied by experts, and if necessary, the defense mechanisms should be strengthened by differentiating the products.
All points such as why a product or solution is needed, what its benefits will be, what investments can keep the system fully protected should be clarified. Before project implementation, solutions should be evaluated in terms of compliance with standards such as ISO 27001 and PCI DSS and should be tested by performing Pentest (Penetration Test).

Always the best solution partner

Dux Technology’s large staff structure is a substantial source of trust for large-scale organizations in critical security projects that need a high-level motivation and effort. In addition to its product range, its brand-independent solution development approach is one of the most distinctive advantages of Dux Technology. Dux Technology always works to be the best business partner with flexible working models such as increasing and decreasing the workforce used in the project when needed. Companies that prefer to work with Dux Technology can continue their operations safely, thanks to the support line from which they can receive 7×24 service.

Effective Security Processes Management

Dux Technology’s brand-independent solution approach and extensive business partner network are powering the effective management of security projects. Dux Technology manages all processes such as purchasing, consultancy, implementation, and training for security projects with its expert staff.

Examples of brand-independent solutions and exclusive products: