”The most important operation that companies with critical work processes and systems need to consider is now entrusted to Dux”

All solutions that enable work processes to continue under any condition are provided by the skilled and expert team of Dux…

Database backup and recovery Enables management of database backup in connection with on site/off site data storage and related devices. Includes the complete or partial recovery of IT applications that require database services.

Among the services provided are management of database backup hardware and software; restoring database partially or completely through daily, weekly, monthly and yearly database update services.

Server backup management Server backup management includes all policies like the management of storage software and system management in connection with related devices. In the scope of Server Backup Management the entire server hardware and software backup management is provided by Dux and backups are made of the server operation system/file system according to specific policies.

Important Benefits

  • Data loss can be minimized
  • Critical information can be accessed
  • Loss of time is prevented
  • Possible financial losses are avoided
  • The damage to reputation that comes with data loss is prevented