”Your servers, which comprise the source of your processing power, are under the Dux Technology end-to-end assurance from performance to security.”

The servers, which provide the processing power needed to operate applications, are vital for work continuity. A company having strong service support after a project has been delivered is at least as important as performance and efficiency.

Dux Technology’s server management oriented solutions and services provide important features to companies that require uninterrupted applications, high accessibility, backup and performance.

What Do We Offer?

  • Server Operation System Management
  • Server Backup Management
  • Server Performance Management
  • Server Vendor Management

Why Dux?

  • All operations in the system rooms are managed centrally
  • Experts in server management are on the job 24/7
  • Enterprise applications are always accessible and work processes are fast
  • Continuity and uninterrupted service are assured
  • While costs decrease service quality increases